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One step ahead

Become a leader among competitors with new possibilities of Real Tracking. Track the location of your cargo in real-time mode.

You will receive the notification when shipment crosses the borders between countries, also you can set up device according to your own criteria. Stay updated about any delays or changes in delivery schedule.

Build your business on clear terms — give a tracker to your clients and they will be able to track the current location of their orders by themselves.

Independent Monitoring

You do not need mediator anymore to track your cargo. Do not wait for information from suppliers, forwarding agents and customs brokers. You can receive it directly - all you need is to use unique number of a tracker to set location of cargo in 97% countries all over the world.

Real Tracking — a new level in business dealing

Tracking service makes your tasks in transport logistics sphere easier. You will always be the first.

  • Are you dealing with delivery of goods from abroad?

    Simplify your work by ordering a compact tracker which will help you to know when you will receive your order and information about its current location. Stop losing your clients because of unscrupulous suppliers. Take control over it into your own hands!

  • Do you have a small transporting company?

    Do not make your business complicated with using expensive monitoring systems. Use trackers - it will help you and your clients to follow goods transportation free.

  • You do not trust your supplier because he often failures to perform a treaty obligation?

    Insure yourself with easy and available service and you will have a notion about an actual location of your orders.

Open more possibilities for yourself with Real Tracking

You can get a chance for use of system in a testing mode and check how does it work.
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