• Do you want to watch the movement of the cargo?
  • Independent tracking for international cargo transportation

We created a new level of control over logistics.
$15 per month, 150 days without recharging!

You can check functionality of service on the test shipments after a quick registration. Track movement of your cargo in real-time mode on interactive map.

  • Keep abreast

    you will receive a notification as soon as your parcel crosses the border or reaches its destination.

  • Stay abreast of delays

    manage your business successfully and be able to prevent force-majeure circumstances concerning load and freight.

  • Play a proactive

    with this service you will always have up-to-date information about shipping process and current location of your cargo.

How does the tracker work?

  • Notebook c0e30a5d076056e7ac957a7b1e5d680b2da0dd897417be2912b288a8b9f398a8 You can order tracking device on the website after filing in special form
  • Car 7f3e7dff3ddde74a5836039dabfe96072d7916b8eb8865f83896e06bfad5cf23 We will deliver device at the address of your supplier within 5 days
  • Map 915b7cc7deb85a0c94a9ed46dcf3d77c19b0a08ab57e07e2e2d3cd9af6a8c59b Tracking device is ready to work in real time right after activation

The process of delivery from China, USA, Europe always has some percentage of risk. What if shipment is not delivered in time or container got stuck at the customs office? Very often those circumstances have a big influence on result of big deals. With a new global system of tracking you will always have a handle on transporting process, as well you will control transporting of shipments from the starting point to the arrival point.



Tracker itself looks like a small beacon which helps to follow cargo on any distance and it can work without recharging up to 150 days. Data from device goes directly to application on your device so you can check current location of cargo any moment when it is necessary. A signal is absent only at the airway or at sea tracks. Learn more about tracker

Tracker Price
55 $
Rent Price
5 $ / month

Price plans

Subscription for 1 month

15 $
  • Tracker, device: no
  • Delivery to shipper * no
  • Service system: 1 month

Express package

60 $
  • Tracker, device: available
  • Delivery to shipper * available
  • Service system: 1 month

Sea package

90 $
  • Tracker, device: available
  • Delivery to shipper * available
  • Service system: 3 month

For business organization

  • contact with us, to get more information

* Delivery to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia will be done within 3-4 days. Delivery to other countries - by request.

** Tracker is a device of multiple use.

*** Return $30, with the return of the tracker.


Our company delivers cargo from China to Europe. In our supply chain there are several carriers, several points of congestion, sequence of borders, large distances and the human factor. RealTracking allows us to see all the movement online and react to deviations from the delivery plan.
Userpic alex 8c2712e1793778a4b4d513306b41493b3ca3534fa57bf14615593ed3385cf6a9
the head of logistics department.
We order different items in China. It is small, but expensive for us cargos. Often we are faced with the problem of delays in delivery times, when our transport agent is not able to control situation. Sometimes you have to wait for an answer before the agent can provide an information. In such situations, the RT is helping us by showing the actual position of the cargo immediately, without additional calls. So we can accurately plan our purchases and sales.
Userpic yakov ea4bea0dc65a59884ffbf0c9b3c13a8f1f5eeb7f46224247281daed134604a54
large enterprise employee.
To avoid the integration of expensive cargo tracking system in our transport company we using RealTracking. Each of our cars has a tracker inside. After agreeing of the application for freight, the customer receives the track number and can fully control the chartered car. Not every small transport company can surprise their clients like this and the customers appreciate it!
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the owner of trucking company.

Contact us

If you have any questions about ordering and activation of a tracker and
also about the work of the monitoring system - contact our Support Desk.

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Real Tracking

Real Tracking — is an innovative service which helps to control the transportation of shipments on-line. It also allows you to be always aware of transportation, delays or hitches on the road. To start using a service all you need is to put inside your cargo a small tracker and it will forward information directly to the application in your cell phone. Each device has its own unique number - you can use it to follow the actual location of shipments.

Such unique solution helps you to minimize the risks and propel your business to the next level. With Real Tracking you will always be one step ahead your competitors. You will be able take a personal control over your shipments and make timely and strategically important decisions which will keep business in the right direction.

From now you can personally watch after on time delivery made by supplier. The signal of tracker is transmitted non-stop everywhere where GSM is available. A handy interface of the application allows you to set the notification function only in case of delay of goods, border crossings and passing through a customer service. That will help you to save time and pay more attention to the other working moments.

We are taking upon ourselves delivery of the envelope with a tracker - it will be delivered to your supplier in 5 days after your ordering. Tracking device can work without recharging up to 150 days and it has a weight less than 50 grams.

We are creating a new level in the world of transporting logistics. Decide if you join the number of leaders!

We received your application and we will contact you as soon as possible

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Fill in a form on our website to have access to the service. Write down the postal address of your shipper, contact person and your own contact details and telephone number. As soon as your cargo receive its unique number, you can start tracking it on-line via iOS_App and WEB. A shipper will receive en envelope with tracker device within 5 days after execution of an application.

Price includes a tracking device itself and its delivery to your shipper (in certain countries ). When you buy extra service you can also use device over again for another transportation.

Signal of device is getting through any kind of package, does not matter on container's type. Connection is absent in a sea, ocean and sky, but as soon as cargo appears in a GSM coverage area you will receive notification and information about cargo location.

Tracker itself looks like a small beacon which helps to follow cargo on any distance and it can work without recharging up to 150 days. Data from device goes directly to application and you can check current location of cargo any moment when it is necessary. Tracker is producing in China according to patented Swiss technology which ensures uninterrupted and accurate work of this product.