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M3Cargo is a cargo service company providing secure direct purchases from China. By purchasing goods directly, you save about 25% and reduce the cost without compromising on quality.
М3Cargo - growth accelerator
Together with M3Cargo, we open up new business opportunities of any size. We offer all the services that you need in organizing shipments – from searching for goods to delivering turnkey solutions.
Have you ever thought about direct deliveries from China?
Did you know that your costs could be up to a quarter less? Why spend extra money on intermediaries?
Safety and responsibility
We guarantee product safety and on-time delivery with our contract
Cost management is a key success factor for any business!
Reduce cost = increase profits! M3Cargo outsources foreign goods and services by working with China to optimize raw materials and labor components in the cost of the product. Chinese components are an opportunity for business growth!
Our goal is to help your business grow
Use new opportunities for growth!

3 myths about business with China that we destroy

Bad quality of product
M3Cargo regularly monitors the offers of specialized exhibitions in China and studies the merchandise. With us you will receive only quality products

My business will not grow

By purchasing goods directly in China, you save about 25% and reduce the cost of opening and doing business in the USA without compromising the quality of the merchandise

No small shipments

We provide comprehensive solutions for importing moderately-sized batches for small and medium-sized businesses
I am not in China and do not specialize in foreign markets and logistics. How can I find suppliers for importing goods?
We constantly analyze the market for you, looking for products according to specific parameters of price and quality. We check all suppliers for reliability and honesty so that you do not become victim of fraud by Chinese companies. After checking the reputation, we begin negotiations and request price calculations for different volumes and purchases. To provide you with a variable pool from the best suppliers, we order samples of goods and compare the quality of different manufacturers in order to prepare reports for each.
I have decided on a supplier in China. I want to make a deal without risk. How can I do it?
In the process of negotiating, ordering and signing a contract, your interests are fully represented by the logistics department of M3Cargo. You do not need to negotiate with the manufacturers for a better price or a sweeter deal – our experts will do all of this. We can simultaneously tender bids and discuss terms of cooperation with several suppliers who were selected as a result of careful market monitoring. Our service includes support even before the start of production: by making the necessary payments in China, negotiating the price and quantity of goods, materials, technical features, additional equipment, etc. We also check the supplier's registration, visit their production site or warehouse, and can additionally order and study product samples for our own verification.
I plan to work with a Chinese supplier. How can I pay for the order?
We carry out all foreign trade operations that involve the import of products from China:
  • we submit to the bank an application for the purchase of foreign currency and exchange transactions related to settlement under trade agreements;
  • we provide the bank with all the documents necessary for making payments to the Chinese supplier;
  • we make payment to your supplier in China
How can I chose which merchandise to buy from China?
You will receive a monthly report on public wholesale offers and production of goods, with an average price range. We can also conduct routine price monitoring for a particular category of goods, or an analysis of offers for similar products. Monitoring does not include pricing for a specific purchase volume.

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